Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Surgery Details for Tomorrow

I finally got the call from the ENT office today that surgery will be at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.  This time tomorrow, I'll be out cold on the operating table.  My faith is holding strong and I have not had too much anxiety about it.  More or less, I just want to get it over with and feel better! 

I do not know yet what room I will be in after surgery, but it will be at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne.  I have to be there at noon this time, though, and found it odd to have me there 3 hour pre-op when I was only there an hour before the last surgery.  I can't eat or drink after midnight, which sucks, but I have requested fried chicken for my "last supper."  My last real one for a couple days anyways...lol!  I plan on eating right at midnight, staying up as late as I can, and getting up at 9:30 for a quick shower before we hop in the van.

Dizzie is with her dad and step-mom until Friday and Baby Girl will be here to keep an eye on Princess, Bubby, and Corky.  Hopefully that will go smoothly...my mom will be here as well, so hopefully between her and Baby Girl, the others will behave.  I'm also worried about our "fur babies."  Our 3 kittens came to us after my first surgery (Peyton came to us 4 days after), so they are totally unprepared for this...and Charlie and Karma are not accustomed to me being gone over night.  I told Hubby to be ready for a night of stressed out fur babies!  After the last surgery, Charlie and Karma would not let me out of their site for a week!  I'd even come out of the bathroom to find one or both of them sitting there waiting to follow me back to our room. 

Most of tomorrow will seem familiar, despite not being in the outpatient surgery center.  I will go in to fill out all my paperwork, get copies of my license and insurance card, then take me into pre-op for the fun stuff.  I'll get decked out in my "fashionable" gown, get my vitals, go over health history, see the surgeon for a second,and then I will quickly be off to Doped-up Land!  The one thing I am dreading the most at this point is not being able to have my coffee in the morning! 

Since Hubby is not one to find "updating" a very concerning part of his life, most will likely have to be patient until I am able to get on the computer.  But, anyone who knows me knows full well that my phone and my laptop are going to be the first things packed!  Lol!  So I will end for now and ask for your continued prayers, love, and support. 

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