Monday, August 8, 2011

12 Days Post-Op Update

Praise God!  I am FINALLY, somewhat, getting my voice back!  Today was the first day that I did not have to strain as much to talk!  Definitely a blessing since I had to go register Corky and Dizzie for the elementary today.  Baby Girl will get registered at the high school tomorrow, and I don't have to do anything for Princess and Bubby since they will be at the middle school.  Between physicals, registrations, getting shoes and school supplies, and everything else that goes along with it...August is my most dreaded month of the year! This year is special one oldest "baby," Baby Girl, will be a senior in high school!  Where did all those years go?

I don't go back to the doctor until the 29th, when I will see the endocrinologist (thyroid doc) and find out when my uptake scan will be.  This will tell us how much thyroid tissue is left and where it is located.  This is what will determine when, or even if, I will need to get the iodine radiation.  So please pray for minimal tissue and hopefully NO radiation!  If I have to, I have to, but it will require me to be in isolation away from everyone for at least a week.  Due to our house set-up, I will have to come up with money to go to a hotel, as I am terrified of exposing my family to my radioactive self...and I just can't be in the same house and not hug or kiss my kids or Hubby.

It seems to me that this recovery has been much easier than the first go-around.  The last time I had a moderate amount of pain (likely because 1/2 of the thyroid remained) and not much weakness or tiredness.  This time, however, has been the complete opposite.  I have had almost no pain related to the surgery and have been so exhausted on some days that I have to drag myself to the bathroom and am not good for much else.  The fibromyalgia pain has been worse this time around, as well.  I have had maybe 2 "good" days out of the last 12.

Hopefully I will soon get my approval for Medicaid Disability so I can get to the doc.  I have private insurance right now through Hubby's employer, but with a $30 deductible I can't afford right now, I have been having to sit and suffer with a of issues.  My bowels are a mess (symptom of fibro and thyroid) and I can't keep food in me.  Nice for the weight loss, but it's not healthy and kind of scary.  I need to get my pain meds refilled and can't right now.

I am also starting to have pain in my lower right abdomen, but don't worry...I know it's not my appendix.  I had the same pain about 5 years ago and no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me.  One even insinuated that  I was just after the narcotics, which was crap!  After changing docs and going through multiple tests, I had a laparoscopy and they found I had adhesions (from my multiple c-sections), fibroids, and a cyst on my left ovary.  Thanks to the jerk who made sit in pain for over 10 months and thought there was "nothing wrong" with me.  Goes to show, along with my most recent medical mess that the tests don't always show that something is wrong!  Docs really need to start listening to their patients more and quite dismissing them so easily.

On a happier note...Baby Girl, Dizzie, Corky and I got to help with the Pierceton Days Parade this year!  A dear friend of mine has a wildlife rescue and wanted to put in a float for the first time.  She had a little wagon that we decorated with hay bales, animals, and such.  Corky got to hold a duck and ride the float.  Dizzie walked Lambert the sheep and I walked our dog Charlie.  Baby Girl followed us in the van so we could use the CD player to play the music.  It really was a blast and I'm so glad we could help!  I was exhausted and very overheated when I got home, but it was worth every bit of it!  I'll post some pics below!  Now to figure out what to make for supper.....

Dizzie and Corky, ready to go!

So cute in that farmer hat!

Friends Chris and Kyle carrying the banner

Here we come!
The float

Cuddles the goat, Lambert the sheep, and Chalie the dog

Lizzie and Lambert

Me and our Charlie dog

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